Sunday, 5 January 2014

Well Fuck Me Backwards, it's Only a New Bloody Year!

Well how the fuck about that then? Another year, except with a new number in it, which replaces the old number! Look at that! Isn't that something?

Well I never.

Because my internet connection's a stupid bastard, it's incapable of doing two things at once, so I'm going to make this brief;

Some of you will have a good year, and some of you will have a shit year. That's just how life works. So I can't wish you all a happy new year if some of you are only going to go and have a shit one. It will make me feel bad, it'll make you feel bad. God will be angry.

Besides, it's the fifth of January. We should have got this new year's gubbins over with by now.


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