Sunday, 15 December 2013

Get a Load of this Shit

Okay so on Friday at uni everyone on the course and I learnt a bunch of shit about the course we weren't told about because the guy who directs the course, a well disguised Welshman called Paul, wasn't allowed to by his superiors but totally told us anyway because fuck them. Myself and the one other guy who turned up on time that morning were happy to have this new information, but a bit annoyed that we weren't told this earlier but whatever. The other people, however, were "outraged" by this three month long misinformation. These people are so easy to "outrage" it's scarcely believable. Everything outrages them. Most of the time, they don't even know what the fuck they're outraged by. The printer runs out of toner; OUTRAGE, they can't listen to their shitty music out loud when other people are trying to meet a deadline; OUTRAGE, they're not allowed to eat fucking chips in the fucking classroom during a fucking lesson; fucking OUTRAGE! Jesus H Christ, get a grip you entitled, hair-brained fuck-ups.

This is what happens when you start a course occupied almost entirely by BTEC students (no offense to BTEC students who aren't cunts), because BTEC students are about as easy to engage as reverse gear with a gearbox that's missing reverse gear. I should have worked harder at college. Kids: work hard in college; save yourself the trouble.

I'm going for a shower now because I smell like warm stilton and corpses.

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