Sunday, 14 August 2011

Gotta Get Down on Sunday

It's Sunday, Sunday got to get down on Sunday. You get the idea; you may or may not have noticed or cared that I normally post my blog on a Friday and today's Sunday. There are two reasons I'm posting on a Sunday instead of a Friday: Number one, I was in Somerset last Friday and number two, I can't be arsed to wait until next Friday to post a blog entry that nobody's going to read anyway. So yeah, if you read my last entry (probably not) I mentioned that I was going on holiday to Northumberland for the week. I've since been on that holiday. It wasn't too bad, we went on a few walks, visited some ruins and a castle and I drank mead for the first time, specifically Lindisfarne's own. It tasted dank as fuck (in other, more civilised words, really rather good) and, considering it's made from honey, it's quite dry but also quite sweet. In that week we went to visit my aunt and uncle and two cousins up in Edinburgh. If you've never been to Edinburgh just imagine any other city in the UK (e.g. York) and make it about 5x better (or in my hometown Birmingham's case 4000x better).

I've had alot on my mind, recently. Probably the most trivial of which is a comprehensive list of my all time favourite visited cities, which is as follows: (least to most favoured) London, York, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh and then Paris. Birmingham doesn't even come close. Norwich, Coventry and Dundee are equally as average but still not as shit as Birmingham. Or Wolverhampton. Or West Bromwich. In fact, you should probably stay away from the West Midlands. It is not a nice place. The least trivial and most important of which is that I've been single now for almost six months. Which, I'm not going to lie, is really fucking shit.

I've heard several people say after ending a long relationship that they want to stay single because they've given up on relationships. Now, I can kind of see where they're coming from and being single is kind of cool for a month or two but after that long the novelty wears off and you just start feeling lonely. My point is that completely giving up on long-term relationships is going to get you fucking nowhere in the long run; you either turn bitter and depressed and your self esteem fucks off completely or you start sleeping round and using the patented 'Hump and Dump' technique and destroy your reputation as a respectable human being. Now, although I haven't been in many relationships (three since I was thirteen) none of which have lasted less than three months, so take my advice as you will, if you want a long-term good relationship with someone, don't go for the best looking person you can find because it probably won't end well for either of you. Do the clich├ęd thing and go for the person who you really get along with, who makes you laugh, who you've got alot in common with, whose never pissed you off. Oh, and you have to be mildly attracted to them at the very least or else that won't end well either. Or begin well. Or even last.

Anyway, that's enough of me pouring my heart out. You'll hear less soppy bollocks next time, promise. But then, nobody's actually reading this. Hm.

To Infinity and beyo- oh, fuck it...

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